Castaner was founded un 1927 by two cousins: Luis Castaner and Tomas Serra. They immediately focused on quality creating one of the most iconic shoes: the espadrillas, a popular form of footwear with interlaced natural rope sole that has become a classic of everyone’s summer wardrobe. When family member Lorenzo Castaner and his wife took over the company in 1960, they decided to turn the espadrillas into a more sophisticated product closely associated with design and fashion. They adopted new styles and a multitude of colors and materials. Then in 1970, the chance meeting between Isabel Castaner and Yves Saint Laurent. Together they created the world’s first platform espadrille sandal called: the Campesina. And this was the beginning of collaborations with dozens of other major brands, including Hermes. Today, after 90 years, Castaner shoes, which are sold in over 50 countries around the world, remain authentic as they were in 1927: they continue to be wholly produced in Spain using the same hand-crafting techniques. And the soles are sewn with the same machine Luis Castaner and Serra designed in the 1920s.

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