The footwear tradition of the Cervone family was born in the 1950s when Armando, grandfather of current holders Mauro and Juanito, owned a small handicraft factory where leather handmade shoes were produced entirely. In this small company were also the parents of the current owners, who in the 1960s opened a shoe factory for women’s shoes production. Since the very first years of life, the company has set the main objective of the quality of its footwear, with a perfect fusion of footwear tradition and new production techniques. We produce with constant dedication and continuous attention shoes that are offered in Italy and abroad by the most renowned and qualified stores. A high level product aimed at a clientele attentive to the good quality of the shoe, entirely made in Italy according to the criteria of craftsmen footwear using domestic raw materials. The preferred segment is the sober, classic-elegant, never demoded, never exasperated

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